Na Pushes Back At Heckling Cricketer, Tells A Magnificent Lie To Bolster His Case

The embarrassingly slow Kevin Na, who should be put on the clock daily, given penalty shots regularly and run off of the PGA Tour until he makes an effort to speed up, scored a few points in countering cricketer Kevin Pietersen's heckling. Yes, the "tap-in" was three feet on a Sunday where big money was at stake.

But in this Instagram post, screen captured just in case he decides to edit out the hilarious lie, suggests that Na's group was "on pace all day" and "waited, if anything," and therefore his antics were unfairly criticized.

Naturally, as someone who was at the Genesis Open, I and approximately 30,000 witnesses can attest to the Na group falling a hole behind by the 7th tee only to briefly catch up thanks to a 10th tee back up. They again fell behind by the time I saw them again at the 14th tee, if not earlier. 

Screen Shot 2018-02-24 at 9.08.57 PM.png