Kapalua Getting Coore & Crenshaw Restoration After '19 Sentry TOC

The Forecaddie with details of the Mark Rolfing reunion with Coore and Crenshaw to liven up and restore elements to the Kapalua they created in hopes of recapturing its glory years.  Even some of the original shapers are expected back. They're on a mission from God!

Golf.com's Joe Passov talked to Bill Coore about the project and I think we have a new classification of restoration with this:

From a design standpoint, Coore is "most fascinated" by the addition of a new tee box at the par-4 4th, close to the 3rd green. "We actually had it roughed in there from Day 1, but it was never put into use. Back in the days when many of the guys were hitting persimmon drivers, that tee was considered too demanding. Today, the guys are hitting it so far, well past the existing bunkers, that reviving that tee would be perfect. It's been sitting there all these years. We will just add some irrigation and cut back the native grasses."

Restoring a tee never built for the modern game. Wrap your head around that one.