More Impressive? Bryson's API Runner-Up Or His Use Of Big Words?

Big words gets my vote, though if there was any question about former U.S. Amateur Champion Bryson DeChambeau's ability to play with the big boys, he settled that by hanging in with a -15 2018 Arnold Palmer Invitational performance, as Will Gray reports for 

But as Kevin Casey notes at, DeChambeau's post-third round answer on his recent injury could be equally as important. The quote from Bryson about his back issue:

"Well it was the QL and that really got inflamed for me. It was because my quadratus lumborum wasn’t working, my iliacus, longissimus thoracis, they were all kind of over working, if you want to get technical on that. But they weren’t working very well and I overworked them. Pretty much my lower right back was hurting and I rested it. How about that?"

Oh to have seen the looks on press room faces!

BTW, the back looks to be just fine in this shot posted by his friends at Cobra: