Time To Update Your Masters Apps: New Features, Classy Design And Enterprise Grade Artificial Intelligence!

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You can now download The Masters app from various stores (iTunes here).

If you're an AppleTV user and have auto-update enabled, the 2018 version should be ready to go.

If you're a cord cutter--enjoy that buffering!--this guide will help you find ways to watch the Masters via HuLu, YouTubeTV, Playstation and DirecTVNow.

The big upgrade to the mobile and tablet app's this year comes via IBM's Watson--no relation to Tom or Bubba. Here's the fancy way of saying what you will find across all platforms if you log in and denote favorite players:

This year, IBM Watson is moving us from scores and statistics to faces and fist pumps. For the first time ever, the Masters is using enterprise-grade artificial intelligence to capture the essence of the competition; the sights and sounds that make this a tournament unlike any other. 


Take that craft, artisanal, fair trade and organic grades of Artificial Intelligence!

Watson watches hundreds of hours of video from all of the Masters live streams. It identifies the player in each clip, and scores the highlight worthiness of that clip by listening for crowd noise and commentator excitement, and watching for player gestures. The highlights are scored and indexed, making the video production process easier for the Masters digital team. And they are packaged up into personalized highlight reels for users of the My Moments feature in the Masters app. 

And this is clever:

My Moments allows fans to customize their Masters app by saving their profile across all digital platforms. End users select their favorite players and highlight packages are tailored to their preferences. The app also features a spoiler-free mode, which determines the last time you checked in on the tournament action, and chronologically walks you through everything you missed, without revealing the real-time score until you’re caught up.

To put this more succinctly: it's a lot like Instagram or Snapchat Stories. Only better!

The centerpiece of the app remains the ability to watch Live Coverage and get quick access to a Leaderboard.

The offerings on the AppleTV also allow you to watch channels like Amen Corner Live, Featured Groups and other video, including surprise nuggets like last year's broadcast and the Green Jacket ceremony at the putting green. 

A few screen grabs here: