Convicted Inside-Trader Billy Walters Is Not Pleased With Phil Mickelson

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As he sits in a Florida minimum-security prison, sports gambler and businessman Billy Walters awaits an appeals court ruling and stews about the role Phil Mickelson played in his conviction, reports's Mike Fish.

Over several interviews recounted in a compelling piece by Fish, Walters is mostly still unhappy with his former golf buddy Mickelson.

"Here is a guy that all he had to do was come forward and tell the truth," Walters said in October, as he leaned forward in a chair behind his nearly 10-foot-wide office desk, its marble top home to three computer monitors. "That was all he had to do. The guy wouldn't do that because he was concerned about his image. He was concerned about his endorsements.

"My God, in the meantime a man's life is on the line. He's going to go to prison. And you got prosecutors up there during the entire trial, the entire month -- all they talked about over and over was me giving my friends insider information. That is all they talked about. And they knew those jurors were all up on the internet reading that stuff about Phil [profiting from the Dean Foods stock purchase]."