PGA Of America CEO: We're Against A Rollback Before The Rollback Was Proposed!

The absurdity here is both evident and profoundly pathetic: PGA of America CEO issues a statement opposed to any kind of golf ball rollback when no such thing has yet been proposed in the latest distance report, and then declares his membership of 29,000 professionals will be polled with what sounds like a misleading question to validate the PGA of America's opposition to the rulemakers even considering any action.

I know these wars have to happen every ten years, but boy does this signal a conclusion before a solution was even suggested:

"Having just received the full report last evening, it is difficult for us at the PGA of America to provide meaningful comments on its content at this time.  However, given the recent industry discussions and media reports regarding a potential roll back of the golf ball for all players and/or a segment of elite players, our Board of Directors has discussed this topic at length.  Based on the information we have seen, we are highly skeptical that rolling back the golf ball in whole or part will be in the best interests of the sport and our collective efforts to grow the game.  Our nearly 29,000 PGA Professionals would be at the forefront of implementing this potential roll back, so we will be polling them this week to fully understand their perspective, especially on what it would mean for the vast majority of the golfers they serve. We look forward to offering our candid feedback to the USGA and R&A once we have collected that data and reviewed the full report."-Pete Bevacqua, CEO, PGA of America

Can't wait to see those poll questions.