Inspired By Trump, Lydia Ko Working On Spin-Off Of The Apprentice


Lydia Ko has a grander goal in mind than returning to No. 1 in women's golf: establishing herself as a reality television star.

Barring a setback like winning a major or a Race For The CME Globe, the former World No. 1 expects to channel her passion for hiring and firing into a business. 

“We’ve got a great plan going forward,” Ko said when contacted about a pitch document leaked on a Reddit community forum. “It really just allows me to monetize what I do best: firing caddies and coaches."

Ko admitted that her virtually annual process of changing caddies and coaches has been cumbersome and at select times, stressful. Ko says she was inspired to pitch Golf Channel on her idea thanks to Donald Trump's rise from reality show host of The Apprentice to the presidency.

Ko has penciled in the fourth quarter of 2018 to film the first pilot for "The Caddy Apprentice," where the golfer will conduct a contest to be her next looper as cameras record the interview and audition process. Former instructor David Leadbetter is expected to replace current instructor Ted Oh by then and will serve as a sidekick, though Ko said that could change three or four more times.

Ko admitted to being oddly comfortable at the thought of replacing current caddie Jonny Scott with cameras rolling.

“I can better deal with all the whimpering and whining by monetizing my love of replacing team members. I mean, like, who wouldn't want to say, ‘Bones Mackay, YOU’RE FIRED!'”

Besides Mackay, Ko hopes to lure caddies Fluff Cowan, Steve Williams and a hologram of Herman Mitchell for season one, though she hasn't worked out how Mitchell would actually carry her bag.  Ko already has written a pitch for The Swing Instructor Apprentice.

"Eventually there will be two shows running concurrently if all goes well and we can consolidate the production. There are so many people to fire. This is so much more fun than playing!"

Ko denied any plans to fire equipment supplier PXG and its founder Bob Parsons.

"Not yet, but the tax implications of all his free gifts have started to become a pain."