Player Agents And Social Media Interns Work Extra Hard To Help Launch #LiveUnderPar

Authenticity is a primary theme of the PGA Tour's new slogan and lifestyle brand play. Under that umbrella includes the role of social media, a new breed of young player communicating directly to the fans, and the inclusion of fans in tournament storytelling. At least, that was how the media was briefed on this slogan.

So that makes Tuesday's "Live Under Par" rollout all the more eye-opening as a severely bloated rollout essentially forced every player's social media teams, agents or other unsuspecting souls to put out a social media post launching what appears to be a lame ripoff of the No Laying Up vibe.

If you want a giggle, check out the hashtag feed for Live Under Par to see if you can spot the players forcefully and not in the least bit organically contributing to the rollout. It's a study in how not to organically roll out a campaign if authenticity is the play.

A sampling of the awkwardness that all reads like the work of someone other than the player...