PGA Tour Prepared To Go All-In On Legalized Sports Betting

With the Supreme Court set to rule any day now on sports betting, Rex Hoggard reports that the PGA Tour has laid the groundwork with players to address integrity issues. 

According to the tour's Andy Levinson, efforts have focused on player education so that the tour can benefit from interest in golf betting.

Levinson explained that the Tour has been working with the NBA and Major League Baseball to assure that the types of betting that might be allowed protect the customer as well as the integrity of the competition.

“It’s important that the types of bets and the types of markets that are created around our competitions are ones that don’t increase the risk of corruption,” Levinson said. “By having some say in the types of bets that are offered we feel we can mitigate the risk that can be posed.”

Specifically, Levinson said the Tour would want to avoid bets that focus on a negative outcome, such as a player missing a fairway or a green or making a specific score.

I have almost no concern about the players. But fans encouraged to Live Under Par and who might have a wager on the competition? Baba booey!