New Caddyshack Book Excerpted: Rodney Got Just $35K To Play Al

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Chris Nashawaty's upcoming book on the making of Caddyshack has been excepted on and this preview is a fun read, focusing on casting with all sorts of detail.

“We brought Rodney in to the studio,” says Jon Peters, Caddyshack’s executive producer. “He comes in wearing this aqua-blue leisure suit and takes out a plastic bag and does two lines of coke. He undoes his shirt and says, ‘Where's the p----?’ ” It was a hell of a first impression. Dangerfield would end up getting $35,000 for his role. And though he would always credit Caddyshack for launching his movie career, he would often do so while complaining that he actually lost $150,000 on the film, having given up a month of headlining in Vegas to shoot it. 

Holy cow...not even last place money in a WGC event. Rodney in Caddyshack was living under the actor poverty line.

The book is out April 24th.