Sergio Releases First Single Off The New Record: San Antonio Hurl

Screen Shot 2018-04-20 at 11.40.30 PM.png

Great to see Sergio Garcia getting back to his roots by shelving the big name producer and the lavish string arrangements for a stripped-down, acoustic version of his classic club right-handed club hurl. 

Following a missed cut at The Masters, Sergio's first single off the new album pays homage to Lyle Lovett's classic: San Antonio Hurl.  Reviewers will swoon over how little speed he's lost even as he shifts to a left-handed toss.

Mercifully this time around, he kept his Rogue driver--with groundbreaking Jailbreak Technology no less--out of a lake and instead deposited the wounded weapon into cedar-infested shrubbery.

The hurl took place in round two of the Valero Texas Open. Make sure to watch all the way through to :48 when analyst Billy Kratzert suggests the club hurl was "highly untypical of Sergio" while the Spaniard takes another lash at something in the shrubbery! He's living under par! 

Garcia's new album is also expected to feature a duet with wife Angela, "Don't Go Breaking My Club."