Ghim! Amateur Makes Two Eagles In Opening 72

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On a lively Masters opening day, the accomplishment of U.S. Amateur Runner-Up Doug Ghim should not go unnoticed: he eagled the par-5 13th and holed out at 18 to earn himself some crystal goblets. 

Ghim is writing a daily diary for and he shares some great stuff from the day, including his nerves, a chat with UT alum Jordan Spieth and the thrill of making two eagles. 

Every other tournament there is kind of a generic introduction before you tee off. At the Masters, though, it’s “Fore please. Doug Ghim now driving.” When I heard that my body went numb. To hear my name associated with that phrase, it’s something I’ll never forget. Somehow I got the ball on the tee. Somehow I didn’t soak my glove before the first tee shot. And I made the best swing that I possibly could and the ball found the fairway. I can now say that I striped my first tee ball at the Masters.

The eagles: