A Steph Curry Hosted PGA Tour Event In The Works?

That's what Darren Rovell reports is in the works, with hopes for a fall schedule slot in the Bay Area. 

From the ESPN.com report:

Frank Zecca, a managing director at Octagon who has worked with the Curry family for more than 25 years, would not confirm that a deal was inked but did acknowledge that conversations happened.

"Besides family and basketball, philanthropy, investing, technology and golf are high up on his list," Zecca said. "Culinary, community and the Bay Area are also priorities."


The PGA Tour acknowledged the plans and of course, suggested right out of the gate that he might attract the M's!

"There's no doubt Stephen Curry brings a young, new, diverse audience to the PGA Tour through his passion for this great game and support for the community," said PGA Tour spokeswoman Laura Neal. "We're excited about the prospect of partnering with an iconic athlete of his caliber in the future."