NCAA Men's Finals Preview: Who To Watch, How Will Karsten Creek Change?

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If you want a little audio primer, Golfweek's on-site team kicks around all of the key elements heading into Friday's first round of NCAA men's team and individual stroke play

Ryan Lavner of sets up the main storylines from the week.

Lance Ringler breaks down the field Sagarin style, presenting the final rankings list that goes right out the window once tee shots are hit. 

Karsten Creek's 17th hole has been lengthened 100 yards for the men's competition and as The Forecaddie notes, this probably wasn't necessary given how hard the hole plays at any yardage. The rest of the course will not see rough cut during the pre-match play competition. Some long days are ahead.

They tried "walk up" music for the practice round today that blared as players hit their tee shots. The spectators, had any been present, might have been entertained.