The Ogilvy's Are Heading To Australia

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In his AP notes column, Doug Ferguson talked to Geoff Ogilvy about moving his family to Melbourne. The 2006 U.S. Open champion is looking to retain his card and attempt a unique schedule from the hole he still owns on Royal Melbourne's 14th hole (West). 

''It's a feeling more than anything,'' he said. ''Scottsdale is dreamy. We live a great existence. I know what I'm getting there. If we didn't move back, we'd be a six-and-six family. The kids get out of school, and they're bounced back and forth. It's not good for continuity.''

As for golf?

Ogilvy narrowly kept his full PGA Tour card last year and this season has been a struggle. He hasn't sorted out what kind of schedule he would keep, understanding it would involve long trips from Sydney to Dallas.

The immediate goal would be to play a heavy fall schedule and miss most of the West Coast swing to get acclimated to the move.

''And then we'll start working it out,'' he said.