#liveunderpar Files: Jordan Spieth Begs Fans To "Actually Watch" And Not Shoot Video

Brentley Romine of Golfweek reports that the PGA Tour's advocacy of fans documenting every moment may be wearing on some players, with Jordan Spieth openly pleading with fans off the 8th green to just watch.

“If everybody could do me a huge favor and not video this shot,” Spieth said. “Thank you. Sometimes it’s cool to actually watch. Please, no phones. Can’t have any going off in this shot.”

But how are they to live under par, young Jedi? It's not just a way to play, it's a way to be annoying. Or it's thinking hard and playing young. Or...oh some slogan that cost too much and which needs to quickly end up on the trash heap of ad campaigns. 

The moment from round one of the 2018 Memorial:

Though I can't imagine what might be causing this fear of young Jordan to have cameras going off when trying to play a shot...