Tiger: Traffic Woes Might Mean Tee Times Are Missed

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There's one you don't hear every day at a major!

The Forecaddie with Tiger's remarks and his lodging efforts to stay closer to the course, with his yacht moving---fill in nautical term of your choice here because I sure won't dare--to Sag Harbor. He'll have to settle for his incredible yacht. Well, we hear it's incredible. 

I was on the Golf Channel desk listening and not able to ask any questions. But I'm fairly certain I could have done better than some he got in his pre-2018 U.S. Open press conference. 

Highlights I could find. 

TIGER WOODS: Yeah. I've missed playing the U.S. Open. It's our nation's title. It's meant so much to me and my career and, obviously, the USGA, what it has done for golf.

This was, you know, the biggest event you could win growing up, win a USGA event. To have won it nine times is pretty special. So I'm looking forward to playing this week. I've really missed playing U.S. Opens, and this will be another fun test.

On the golf course...

THE MODERATOR: We're certainly glad to have you back here at Shinnecock this week. Can you talk about what it means to be back and your impressions of the course so far this week?

TIGER WOODS: It has changed a lot. From the two times I've played it previously, it's a lot longer. The fairways seem to be about twice as wide. It's a very different -- very different test, very different look. So many of the trees are gone.

The greens aren't quite up to probably speed yet, but they're right where they want them. And as the golf course dries out, this golf course is going to be another great U.S. Open test.

And on the putter, probably the key to his week.

Q. Tiger, by any chance, besides reps, have you done anything specifically to address your putting? And by any chance did Stricks take a look last night?
TIGER WOODS: No, Stricks didn't take a look at it. I worked on it pretty hard this past week. Just had to hit a lot of putts, just put in the legwork, and I was able to do that.

My stroke feels good, and we're back on old bumpy poa. So hopefully hit good solid putts and see what happens.