Poll: To Water During The Round Or Not To Water During The Round?

As we watch the 2018 U.S. Open final round play out, I keep coming back to one issue from Saturday's play: when it became apparently some holes that were working in the morning were not longer function in the afternoon, why not hit the the greens with water? The lesson of 2004 was: more water fixed the problems, rolling in the middle of the night or not. 

Philosophically, people do not like to see the course tampered once play has begun. But in a baseball game, infield crews freshen up the field as the day goes and repair the mound to ensure the best and safest conditions. 

So I'm curious what you think would be better: yesterday's outcome or a little water?

Should the USGA have brought out the hoses and hit the greens with water mid-round?
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