The Growing Schism Between Players And The USGA

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There has long been an entertaining tug of war between the USGA and players over course setup, rules interpretation and other first world matters, but as Will Gray writes (and documents with Tweets) the post-Shinnecock fallout suggests a deep schism. One that may undermine anything the USGA does involving professional golfers. (Eh em...distance, new rules, etc...)

This from Pat Perez is hardly shocking, but as Gray's story notes, fairly consistent with what many players think.

“They’re not going to listen, for one. Mike Davis thinks he’s got all the answers, that’s No. 2,” said Pat Perez after a T-36 finish. “And when he is wrong, there’s no apologies. It’s just, ‘Yeah, you know, we kind of let it get out of hand.’ Well, no kidding. Look at the scores. That’s the problem. It’s so preventable. You don’t have to let it get to that point.”

The Live From guys also spoke out and scored points the USGA will need to rebut post-Shinnecock: