"No one talks about karma. And no one talks about the Curse of Shinnecock Hills"

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Move over Chief Leatherlips. Some believe there is a Curse of Shinnecock Hills and writer Bruce Buschel makes his case in the East Hampton Star.

He shares several anecdotes about the back and forth between the USGA and the Shinnecock, who did receive some last minute concessions including a USGA pledge for a golf facility to be built on their land.

It seems there were also discussions about the 2018 U.S. Open logo which, to people of a certain generation, is already looking like a relic from a different world. 

It’s insulting — it’s a cartoon Indian with a big hook nose wearing a war bonnet festooned with an arrow and a putter. Like a kindergarten coloring book circa 1955. So the tribe requested a redesign or a flat-out removal. They got neither. Shinnecocks don’t have much luck when negotiating with the white man, not here, there, or anywhere. 

Buschel's case for a curse in light of another wacky U.S. Open at Shinnecock, proves more interesting given his rationale for the uneventful Opens there. You'll have to hit the link to read them all in context.

He sums up his case this way:

The Shinnecocks take no glee in the public disasters that have befallen Shinnecock Hills since the tribe was excommunicated, since the indigenous people were removed as caretakers of their own land.

No one talks about karma. And no one talks about the Curse of Shinnecock Hills.

Someone should.