The Time Peter Thomson's Son Took The Claret Jug To School For Show And Tell...

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The Sydney Morning-Herald's Martin Blake reports on the well-attended memorial for Peter Thomson and the surprise presence of the Claret Jug, brought to Australia by the R&A's Martin Slumbers for the service.

Maybe the best anecdote belonged to Thomson's son Andrew, who brought the Claret Jug to school soon after one of his father's five Open wins. He came home crying from show-and-tell.

"What’s wrong?" Thomson said.

"They rubbished me at school," his son replied. "One boy said his father’s got a dozen of those!"

The moment, Andrew said, tickled his father, who kept touch with his roots as a public course player at Royal Park. "Because as much as professional golf, he loved club golf. He said club golf was the plasma of the game, people trying their luck and coming home with a trophy, just like him."