Slow Play Stat Reminder: So Much Time Waiting And Walking, So Little Time Hitting Shots

Rex Hoggard takes the much-talked about Patrick Cantlay display from the 2018 Memorial for a state-of-slow-play piece.

As painful as Cantlay's 13 looks at the green appeared to be, it's still a fraction of the time spent walking to back tees and waiting for all of the par-5 greens to clear. Hmmm...what do those things have in common? 

Even the Tour’s own statistics prove this point. The circuit average for a player to hit a shot is 38 seconds, although that number varies for specific shots (42 seconds to hit a tee shot, 32 seconds for a putt). Based on that information and on Sunday’s scoring average at the Memorial (71.2), the total amount of time in which a player is actually executing shots during a round is about 45 minutes.