Jenkins On Revising U.S. Open History With 2-Hole Playoffs In Mind

It's still difficult to reconcile the new 2-hole U.S. Open playoff concept given the years of condescending lectures and reasonable logic behind 18-holes to decide a champion. Of course no one wants to return on Monday but 2 holes is such a puny number in contrast to the past or even the other majors and their three or four hole aggregates.,

As Dan Jenkins writes in the June Golf Digest, 15 of 33 playoffs would have seen different outcomes. 

Sure, the hole sequences might have been different, but as His Ownself presents in grand fashion, some of the biggest wins in golf history would have been replaced by...wins.

So take your Ouimet in 1913, Jones at Winged Foot and your Hy Peskin-Hogan at Merion and put them in the trash bin!