Gullane Is Back! European Tour And Scottish Open Return To East Lothian

They've been whapping golf balls around Gullane Hill since the 1600's and turned the hill over to golf in the late 1880s, yet somehow this is only the second big pro golf event there this century.

The European Tour makes a big return this week after a bold move in 2015 to bring the Scottish Open to charming Gullane. Coverage this week is split in the US between Golf Channel and NBC, so check those local listings. 

All signs on social suggest it's faster and firmer than last time around, and that was a pretty lively year.

Adam Schupak at on the big return and why Gullane is such a special (and bold) choice for the Scottish Open. 

Gary Williams and I discussed the wonders of this special property and its historic place in the game.

Punters will enjoy this Scottish Open preview by Betfair

The club's posted flyover on YouTube...