We've Established That Pay Per View May Not Work For Tiger V. Phil...

However, you know the M's love their subscriptions!

Say, how the auto manufacturers are taking car leases, losing the down payment into the monthly cost, and calling them...subscriptions. Ding! Millennial joy!

With nearly 70% of you saying no to paying for the proposed Tiger v. Phil match revealed by Alan Shipnuck and without any other known details (such as follow-up competitions as part of the package or a format that promotes presses), the organizers will face an uphill battle getting golf fans to pony up. Then again, 22% said you'd pay between $1 and $50.

So perhaps as part of a subscription, or incentive to subscribe to an app this match could make sense?

There are certainly plenty of entities out there right now who would love to include Tiger v. Phil as their entry into sports. And perhaps throw in future undercards of Shell's type matches. 

We discussed the poll (thanks again for voting) on Morning Drive: