Rosie: Augusta's Fifth Getting [Only] 30 More Yards

To show how drastically things have changed, Tim Rosaforte reports the new Augusta National-installed tee at the par-4 5th will add only 30 yards with the hope of putting driver back in player hands. And five-irons for second shots. 

"The new hole will play upwards of 485 yards in an attempt to restore the shot value that has been taken away by the distances achieved by the modern game," Rosaforte said. "Instead of 3-woods and 7-irons, the new fifth should require a driver and a 5-iron, at the very least, depending upon the conditions."

Driver maybe, but still very much 7 and 8-irons in today's game. 

Amazingly, it would take at least 50 yards to get a long-iron in their hands. Unless the landing area remains pinched instead of allowing for the risk-taking created in the original design inspired by the Road Hole