"The Daly Show has long since become tediously repetitive viewing"

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Eamon Lynch files a tough but necessary take down of John Daly's U.S. Senior Open tantrum over not getting a cart. 

After reviewing some of Long John's greatest WD hits--only 11 signed scorecard rounds in USGA events--Lynch says there is nothing left to like about Daly's act. 

For a time, Daly was an easy guy to root for among the khaki clones that populate the PGA Tour, a mullet-sporting, beer-bellied, working-class guy upending a country club world. His many struggles with addiction – which he hid from no one – earned him tremendous support from fans and more than a few passes for conduct unbecoming.

But the Daly Show has long since become tediously repetitive viewing.

He’s 52 now, but maturity seems no nearer at hand. It’s easy to understand why tournament organizers have bestowed so many sponsor’s invites on a man who hasn’t had playing status for years. When he pitches up at events, TV announcers still serve up the old chestnuts: Folks love to see him, he draws a crowd, he generates the oohs and aahs. That’s all true, of course, but it’s also true of police car chases. And people watch both hoping for a crash.


Daly is listed as part of the field for this week's Greenbrier Classic. Presumably able to play without the aid of a cart.