Stracka: Putting Stats Haven't Changed So Why Curtail Use Of Books?

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Kind of like the folks who say the ball isn't going longer and advertise a new longer flying golf ball, Jim Stracka is treading that fine line in saying a product his Strackaline sells hasn't made a dent in putting stats, yet can't understand why the USGA and R&A want to curtail green reading book usage. 

From Brentley Romine's Golfweek story:

“Putting stats haven’t changed in 25 years,” Stracka told Golfweek via phone on Tuesday. “PGA Tour pros are still making about 50 percent of their putts from inside of 8 feet. … There is no exactness in putting.”

Which begs the question: if they haven't impacted putting numbers, then what is being sold other than a tool that slows down play, appears to cut down on the importance of local knowledge and experience, while enriching a few?