Poll: What Would You Pay To View A Woods-Mickelson Match For $10 Million?

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Alan Shipnuck reveals for Golf.com that Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson have been plotting a $10 million, winner-takes-all (right!) match with major sponsors and television. It sounds like the concept is a burgeoning franchise in the vein of All-Star Golf and Challenge Golf matches from the past (Google it precious generation).

An initial match in Las Vegas — Shadow Creek is the likely venue — is just the beginning of their shared vision.  Mickelson says he and Woods hope to play a couple exhibitions a year, around the world. Sometimes they could partner up — depending on how the Ryder Cup goes, it's easy to envision Tiger and Phil taking on two top Europeans (a match with Rory McIlroy and Ian Poulter as the opposition could be particularly juicy). Woods and Mickelson are both shrewd businessmen, and they are trying to set up this new venture so they essentially own the matches and thus will get a chunk of the TV revenue, merchandising, and sponsorship dough.

That sounds like a pay-per-view model to me.

The value has decreased a bit with the whole kumbaya, bonding-over-hating-Tom-Watson, cart-driving mania. But, maybe the lovebirds can create some dramatic tension with the winner-takes-all approach even if we don't really believe it.

Tiger could bring his tailer to the first tell to help Phil get a better-fitting Mizzen & Main shirt.

Phil could replace brother Tim with Stevie Williams.

Anyway, we have time to work on theatrics.

So...assuming this is a pay-per-view model, what would you pay?

How much would you pay to watch a Phil v. Tiger winner-takes-all $10 million match?
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