Mizzen Or Masterful: Will We Be Doing "The Phil"?

Screen Shot 2018-08-02 at 7.32.59 AM.png

Phil Mickelson's surprising choice to unveil a Mizzen+Main long sleeve at The Masters may have turned a few heads and earned a "really" from Tiger Woods, but now that he's all-in as a part owner he is, well, in. All in. And it's spectacular.

Sporting the Manhattan shirt he's worn a few times--minus his logo-clad tour golf version--Mickelson breaks out his best dance moves in a, uh, more focused effort to show off how these performance fabric shirts work. It's set to Ghostland Observatory's "Viberate," and I only know that because of Shazam.

Phil makes a convincing case for the mobility and style factor of the shirt maligned after his Masters moment. He also makes a case for the most fluid hamstrings in golf.

The fashion-friendliness of the shirt is greatly enhanced--actually, night and day--when not paired with golf slacks and without his corporate partner logos screaming 1960s gas station attendant. 

Even more solid? This lands in a Ryder Cup year! Oh to hear the team room comments about The Phil...