Megha! Fourth Time Is The (DCP) Charm All Over Again

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Megha Ganne has qualified for the Drive, Chip and Putt finals at Augusta National for the fourth straight time she has attempted qualifying.

As Ryan Herrington notes at Golf World, Ganne missed in her first attempt, skipped in 2016 but in the other years the 15-year-old attempted what is a very difficult feat to pull off just once, she’s headed to Augusta National again next spring.

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And I note this for those wondering if the “DCP” interest has warn off. From Ganne:

“I can definitely say that each year it gets harder and harder to qualify because there are so many more kids that try and compete in it,” Ganne said earlier this spring. “Even at the local stage, the number of kids who were there my first year compared to this past year is not even comparable.”