TaylorMade: New Drivers "Exposing The False Narrative That Speed Limits Have Been Reached"

Screen Shot 2019-01-03 at 11.45.55 AM.png

I found this to be a surprising aggressive approach by TaylorMade in rolling out its new drivers today. Almost like they want the governing bodies to be agitated.

In 2019, TaylorMade has taken Twist Face to the next level of performance with the introduction of Injected Twist Face technology, exposing the false narrative that speed limits have been reached in a metalwood.

It’s always a fine line the manufacturers toe between the mysterious desire to tear down limits on advances, yet always refusing to cross the line by making non-conforming equipment. Which is why the next line said this:

There are four key features to the design of Speed Injected Twist Face that allow TaylorMade to maximize ballspeed, working in unison to allow every M5 & M6 driver to be precision-tuned with a new, rigorous process to maximize speed to the allowable limit. 

And here I thought it was all of that foam roller work the guys were doing to loosen up their hips!