B-Speak Alert: PGA Tour Renews "Lighthouse Collaboration" With Twitter

Screen Shot 2019-01-07 at 9.29.15 PM.png

I’m not going to dwell on the PGA Tour’s bizarro digital streaming vision but let’s say Jordan Spieth has an early tee time and you want to see him play from beginning to end, Ponte Vedra has you doing this:

—Watching Twitter stream for warmup and maybe the first hole

—Logging in to your PGA Tour Live subscription via either NBC Sports Gold or Amazon Prime to see him play five or six holes, assuming you pay for it

—Watch the remainder of the round when Golf Channel coverage kicks in.

It’s a lot of work to watch a particularly player and the PGA Tour is certainly making the best of a contract structured pre-streaming era. But it all still feels like more of a leverage-building play than one considering the landscape and making viewing PGA Tour golf a manageable exercise. (At least for full-time streamers, the NBC Sports Gold offers less interrupted viewing on NBC weeks.)

But as a blogger who so misses the B-speak jargon of the previous decade, the renewal for early-Twitter streaming did provide an all-time keeper in the announcement.

Kay Madati, VP and global head of content partnerships at Twitter, added: “We’re thrilled to grow our lighthouse collaboration with the PGA Tour, bringing even more content to passionate golf fans around the globe. We saw tremendous excitement and growth in 2018 around golf conversation and sponsor enthusiasm for PGA Tour content on Twitter. This year, we will reach and continue to serve highly engaged golf fans every day throughout the PGA Tour season by pairing those conversations with live programming and real-time highlights, all in one place on our platform.”

A lighthouse collaboration. Nautical, inspirational, confident and I have no idea what that means.