Severity Of Whistling Straits Means Cart Drivers Won't Be Cart Drivers At 2020 Ryder Cup

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Barely maneuverable for maintenance vehicles, many have wondered how the fleet of cart driving assistants to the assistant cart driver/vice captains would navigate around the faux-Pete Dye links.

Turns out, they won’t be having to sort the best routes to deliver players bananas and to get WAG’s in position for camera time, reports Martin Dempster for The Scotsman.

Because of the undulating terrain of the spectacular Pete Dye-designed layout on the banks of Lake Michigan, only the two captains, Steve Stricker and Padraig Harrington, will be permitted to use four wheels to float between matches as opposed to two legs.

It’s not an ideal situation due to the important roles of the vice-captains,

…down Martin, down…

but buggies are not allowed at all during normal play and, in some respects, it will feel refreshing being at a big golf event for once next September and not actually get the impression you could be on the M8 due to the volume of carts buzzing about the place.

Don’t worry, they’ll find a few extras for PGA board members and past presidents, no matter how their driving history.