"Skins game reminds us that money can't buy meaningful rivalries on Tour"

Good stuff from Golfweek’s Eamon Lynch on the upcoming Skins game match-up reminding us that a combination of changing economics and the continued elevation of majors translates to little buzz. Especially when the attempts to create interest fall flat (below).

The Challenge was touted in coordinated social media posts and press releases that exhibited all the spontaneity of a North Korean military parade. “There has always been some friendly banter between us, and that will continue until we get to the first tee,” Woods said with the kind of passion money can’t buy.

“There are so many fun elements to The Challenge that will have me wanting to take home that title,” McIlroy pitched in gamely.

In fairness, the bar is low for this year’s “The Challenge” to outperform last year’s “The Match,” when Woods and Phil Mickelson asked viewers to pay $20 for awkward trash talking that was less amusing than what you’d hear from a couple of over-served middle managers jostling on a crowded commuter train home.