Canada Course To Become Cannibis-Friendly, Change Name To Rolling Greens

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Bob Weeks with the details on the creation of Canada’s first cannibis-friendly course, the current Lombard Glen Golf & Country Club.

The jokes have been flying fast since Gordon Weiske and his partners purchased the 160-acre layout from longtime owners Dave and Jean Sherman, with plans to gain traction in the cannabis tourism market.

For instance, a local media outlet suggested that instead of yelling “Fore” after an errant shot, players might now yell “Fore-20,” a shout-out to April 20, known among pot smokers as a celebratory date.

And the groaners just keep coming.

“Golf,” he stated, “is really a natural fit for this as golfers have been having a beer or two on the course for years and now then can enjoy smoking and still play the game.”

Weiske and his group hope to turn the local facility into a destination, adding to the golf with other activities such as a themed resort. He’s also hoping to bring golfers from Toronto via plane and has been working with a small airline to set up charter flights.

These people need to move to LA. Every course is cannibis-friendly and has been since the 70s. At least.