First World Crisis! Could The Bloated, Dated Tour Bag Finally Be Doomed?

Screen Shot 2019-02-04 at 9.40.13 PM.png

Reading Jonathan Wall’s gear notes at and his explanation of the Waste Management Phoenix Open debut of lighter stand bags from Puma, Titleist and Taylor Made be the beginning of the end for a traditional tour bag.

Fowler’s Puma-Vessel collaboration was limited to only 10 bags, while Titleist and TaylorMade unveiled versions — TaylorMade’s all-green FlexTech was specially made for the “The Greenest Show on Grass” — that are currently available to consumers.

As for Fowler, he reportedly plans to unveil other custom stand bags over the course of the season. If you’re Joe Skovron, Fowler’s caddie, it’s impossible to complain about additional light loops in the future.

It’s fascinating that Phoenix was seen as a natural unveiling spot, suggesting a younger crowd would be more accepting of a lighter stand bag. And just seeing some of the newer stand bags it’s clear they accomplish the same goal as the classic tour player bag, only streamlined, modernized and more user friendly.

While there is undoubtedly great satisfaction for a player in pulling or returning a club without any resistance—huge perk of the tour pro!—those days seem headed to the trash bit. Especially when a well-designed stand bag actually looks like a better piece of advertising.

Wall’s Tweet of Fowler bag: