Ah The Group Texts These Days: Patrick Suggests To Ryder Cup Peers That He Was Misquoted

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And one hopes not a soul believed Captain America after he complained Sunday night of the Ryder Cup to Karen Crouse of the New York Times. Comments which he has never suggested were taken out of context or a direct misquote.

Still, according to Brooks Koepka while talking on the Boomer and Gio show as part of PGA Championship—in February!?—media duties, Reed insinuated to a team group text that the New York Times printed lies.

Will Gray summarized the appearance for GolfChannel.com, including this:

"Obviously the things with Patrick, it just kind of took on a life of its own," Koepka said. "We've got a group text, and there were some texts that were sent. He kind of apologized."

According to Koepka, Reed also included a message to his teammates: "Don't believe everything you read."

Except, everyone does believe what was said and your teammates did too because, well, who could make up a story that a golfer was unhappy about a Tiger Woods pairing and suggesting others were to blame for simply awful golf?