Rory Launches The "Amazon Prime" Of Golf

Screen Shot 2019-02-05 at 10.47.12 PM.png

First there was the Netflix of golf—you remember GolfTV that would be bringing Tiger Woods and PGA Tour action to your homes starting Jan, 1, right? Well, if you live in Russia, Spain and maybe Australia.

Now Golf Channel is teaming with Rory McIlroy on GolfPass and according to CNBC’s Alex Sherman, it’s the Amazon Prime of golf. Or almost. Minus access to Golf Channel that isn’t possible under existing contracts. Still…

Included in the package is a round of golf each month at one of 7,000 global golf courses that partner with online booking company GolfNow, which is also owned by NBCUniversal. They'll receive a dozen golf balls from TaylorMade, a provider of equipment for McIlroy, and a variety of discounts on golf resorts, apparel and accessories.

While no live events will be broadcast on the GolfPass app, archived rounds and more than 4,000 on-demand instruction videos, including several from McIlroy and his coach, Michael Bannon, will be available to subscribers.

A premium membership, GolfPass+, costs $199 per year and includes additional benefits such as waived booking fees, cancellation protection and extra discounts.

McIlroy’s reasoning for signing on as the front man is audacious but why not when you are giving people 12 rounds a year for $100, plus other goodies?

“Arnold Palmer showed tremendous vision when founding Golf Channel in 1995 and I’m thrilled with the prospect of helping to lead the game further into the digital era with GolfPass and additional NBC Sports partnerships that help make golf more accessible and fun.”

So now we have the Netflix and Amazon Prime of golf. But only one actually delivers something tangible for your money.