Holly: "The golf at Fox just didn’t turn out to be what we thought it would be."

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While Fox has settled into their USGA broadcast role and delivered several innovative features as predicted, broadcaster Holly Sonders does admit some things never materialized in the form of other Fox golf properties or golf shows on Fox Sports 1 .

Talking to Golfweek’s Adam Woodward about the state of her career and her Michigan State Spartans, the intriguing quote probably is a view shared by the USGA in wondering why the network never added other golf to their lineup:

Q: Now that you’re in the studio and not doing golf coverage, what are you most excited about going forward, and what will you miss most about covering golf?

A: We never say never. Golf is still a part of who I am and what got me here. But the golf at Fox just didn’t turn out to be what we thought it would be. We hoped we would get more PGA Tour rights, and it just didn’t end up happening. But I wanted to be in the studio and show my personality. It’s what I like to do, make people smile and think and bring the best out of my co-host. There’s nothing like walking out of a studio knowing you kicked ass. And then there are a million projects that are on the table that are more entertainment and fun, so I’m kind of in that world too, and that’s been really good.