Justin Rose: I Watch The Crowd For Amusement When Slow-Pokes Get Over The Ball

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Justin Rose has spoken to the UK Golf World about slow play and his comments are posted at JustinRose.com.

He notes the difference in twosomes vs. threesomes, which we saw a little of at the Honda last weekend (though the “two-balls” were still taking 4:30). But it’s the image he paints of watching the crowd that you can file as example 45,921 of why something should have been done long ago.

I love playing in two-balls, but we don’t really get that experience until we move away from the West Coast on the PGA Tour. It’s amazing the difference that makes. When you play your first two-ball of the year, it feels like you’re running round.

I tend to watch the crowd when certain players get over the ball and see their reaction to how long it takes them to hit a shot. It can be quite funny to see the reactions, looks of disbelief and sometimes chuckles in reaction to a guy taking so long. I try to use it as amusement and a diversion rather than letting it frustrate me.

And remember, this is coming from a player who plays at a nice enough pace, but by no means is a speed demon!