Where Were You Stories: 2019 Masters


There is much to mull from the 2019 Masters and posts will be flying to picking this masterpiece apart, but in the meantime I thought I’d share a fun story in hopes of hearing some of your “where were you” when Tiger Woods held off a huge cast of stars and future stars to win his fifth green jacket.

A friend of mine gathered with his neighborhood buddies and watched the final round in a garage converted into a mancave, with the door open to the street and everyone free to stand, roam, smoke, cheer, eat and watch the broadcast.

As Tiger wrapped up the win in the early afternoon when the leaders normally would be teeing off, a neighbor was driving by, pulled over and rolled down his window. The group watching said something to the effect, “how about that Masters,” to which the poor lad announced, “yep, I timed it just right, can’t wait to watch it!”

To which he was informed about tee times having been moved up and the round complete, with Tiger Woods winning. Loss of blood from the face ensued and there was the inevitable look of horror.

Mercifully for him, CBS replayed the round from the 12th hole on. And it can be relived on Masters.com, or on CBS Sports Network Monday night at 8 pm ET.

Feel free to post any lively or wacky where-were-you stories and other viewing anecdotes of note, if nothing else for the archives when we celebrate the 25th anniversary in 2044.