The Polls Close On Golf's Longest Day: 2019 US Open Sectional Results In

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So many great stories and all in one day! The USGA Sectional page for those who want to do their own navigating.

JuliaKate Culpepper at Golfweek has a one-stop page of just qualifying results for those needing to just know names.

Here is my story on the Newport Beach qualifier where as diverse group with a couple of crazy longshot stories took the five spots in a very efficiently run SCGA affair, with brisk pace, no penalties and only a couple of WD’s.

Before filing on the final four, I contributed this item on Stewart Hagestad qualifying to Golfweek’s Sectional blog. He did so on his home course for the third straight year. He becomes the first amateur in 34 years to qualify for three straight years. (Nice catch on that by’s Chris Brauner).

Hey only 20 WD’s this year at the Walton Heath qualifier. I had the over 23… Tour players dominated, patiently, at Woodmont’s longest day, Roxanna Scott reports.

Todd Kelley reports on the top college players who made it, including Duke’s Chandler Eaton. Uh, 90 years ago, Chandler Egan unveiled a redo of Pebble Beach and reached the 1929 U.S. Amateur semifinals on the course he designed. Just saying…

Callum Terren posted a Streamsong Black course record 64 en route to qualifying from Florida, reports Beth Ann Nichols for Golfweek.

The USGA has posted 41 images from all qualifiers here, capturing the essence of a day when more than half of a major field is filled out.