Disruption Has Arrived At 19 As Wolff Joins Woods And Crenshaw As Only Reigning NCAA Individual Champs To Win On Tour

Dave Shedloski was on site at the 3M Open where Matthew Wolff exceeded his incredible promise with a thrilling last hole eagle to hold off a big, diverse cast, including Bryson DeChambeau, who also eagled the last.

From Shedloski’s Golf World story, full of answers to your questions about one of the more fascinating and fun PGA Tour finishes in some time.

This was fun and probably true, though Brooks Koepka may take offense to the winning notion:

OSU assistant coach Donnie Darr reminded him just how ready he was in a text Saturday night after Wolff joined Morikawa in Sunday’s final pairing—which in and of itself was rather remarkable. Wolff entered the final round as co-leader with Morikawa and DeChambeau, making him the youngest player ever to hold a 54-hole lead.

“He [Darr] was pretty much telling me, ‘You can do it. Your winning is no different at any level,’ ” Wolff said. “He kind of made a little stat. He said, ‘In the last six months, you probably won more than any single person in this field.’ That kind of hit me. I know how to seal the deal, and I live for moments like that putt or those clutch moments where you have to step up to the stage.”

And while the course didn’t exactly look like my cup of tea and had the impossible task of following coverage from Lahinch, what a start for the 3M Open. Betting this has never happened before:

“Who could have scripted having two of the youngest kids on tour battling for it,” Hollis Cavner, 3M Open executive director, said. “We called the tour and asked them had they ever seen this, with two sponsor’s exemptions in the final group, and they said there’s no way. And then the way it unfolded. Unbelievable.”

Ryan Lavner, who has covered Wolff for GolfChannel.com, assesses the win and the disruptor tag coming to fruition quickly.

David Dusek with what’s in Wolff’s all-Taylor Made bag.

Bill Speros rounds up Wolff’s best comments post-round.

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And the best young imitator I’ve seen so far, a pupil of a fantastic Instagram follow and PGA instructor, Colin McCarthy, named Chad Caldwell.