Life Under Par: PGA Tour Issues Take Down Threat To Funnyman Instagram Influencer Bob Menery

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I’m at a loss to understand why a Matthew Wolff winning putt put into the Menery mode was worthy of a takedown notice, but the under-par living Instagram influencer was ordered to take down his exuberant post.

He’s already posted a replacement thanks to an under-par living spectator.

Gary Trock presents the almost-full story of Menery and the takedown message his received via Twitter.

He was shocked Monday when the golf organization sent him a direct message that read, "We will issue a takedown on this video by this evening if we don't hear back from you."

The video in question had to do with pro golfer Matthew Wolff sinking a 26-foot eagle putt to win the 3M Open tournament last weekend.

Menery thinks the PGA may not appreciate his use of comedic vulgarity in his videos, but believes the "world is shifting" and people just want an outlet to laugh, which he provides.

He also points out that he does not monetize any of his videos from the PGA, and believes he played a big part in getting "kids to be interested in the game of golf."

Surely there is more to the story from the Tour’s perspective—maybe player or broadcast partner complaints—but that part of this story is uncertain. But what is certain? The idea of Living Under Par, the Tour’s silly slogan cooked up by marketing executives seeking authenticity and younger audiences, has never sounded more insincere.