Alliteration Works: The FedExCup Finale Instead Of The Tour Championship?

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Randall Mell at lands some great counterpunches against naysayers perplexed by the new Tour Championship format—this is an improvement over the confusion of year’s past—and also makes a smart suggestion to call it the FedExCup Finale to avoid confusion.

Unfortunately, he lands what is a knockout punch regarding the new format, less than a year since Tiger Woods’ 80th and arguably most inspiring PGA Tour event win.

With this new format in place last year, Woods wouldn’t have won anything.

Imagine the outrage that would have caused.

What if Brooks Koepka shoots a 267 total this week, putting him at 20 under with his staggered start (7 under). And what if Thomas shoots 269 and wins the FedExCup at 21 under, with his staggered start (10 under)?

To be sure, we, the media, will point out that Koepka would have won the Tour Championship as a 72-hole event, before phantom strokes were figured into the totals. We will then point out that Koepka won the PGA Championship, a World Golf Championship and the classic sense of the Tour Championship this year, but Thomas claimed the FedExCup while actually only winning a single tournament all season.

That’s why it’s best to change the name of this week’s event to the FedExCup Finale, to begin the mind wipe as soon as possible, to help fans understand there really is no Tour Championship to win anymore.