Howard Milstein (Already) Shaking Up Golf Magazine

Screen Shot 2019-08-23 at 9.59.47 AM.png

The New York Post’s Keith Kelley reports on a firing frenzy at Golf Magazine only months after a print and website reboot.

Kelly says five on the editorial side were recently let go, while two sales executives brought in at the start of Milstein’s reign were recently let go (Kelly reports that they were holdovers from Meredith, the magazine’s seller to Millstein, though Cooney joined the operation in March, 2018 while Keating joined in February, 2018, the same month as Milstein took over.)

Milstein has also already forced out the CEO he installed who also brokered the sale, longtime magazine and digital publishing veteran, Tom Beusse.

And after a much ballyhooed rollout of new columnist Paige Spiranac in November, 2018, her column and masthead presence ended in March 2019.

The magazine countered Kelly’s story with this claim:

A spokesman for Golf said he could not comment on personnel matters but said that at the time of the takeover a year and a half ago, the media property was down to only 22 employees and has since grown to 50. He also said ad revenue is up 50% and web traffic has doubled.

In other news, Golf recently announced the hiring of founder Ran Morrissett to head it’s course ranking panel. A debut podcast included this social media spelling mishap that has made the rounds (it’s Cypress in case you were wondering):