The Bob Hope Classic Saved Again: AmEx To Take On Sponsorship

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What fantastic news and a great get by Camp PVB to land a bluechip sponsor for the desert and one of the PGA Tour’s founding events.

Just maybe, now, a way can be figured out to make more top players turn up and tee it up for a tournament that meant so much to building the PGA Tour into what it is. (For starters, a Monday prime time finish on the national holiday and away from NFL playoff games would do wonders.)

Larry Bohannan with the exclusive details for the Desert Sun, including this obvious but still important point:

-Worldwide recognition: American Express will do more with the tournament than just advertise during tournament week. Expect to see ads during other PGA Tour events and even other sporting events mentioning that American Express is the title sponsor in the desert.

A former sponsor of WGC events, it’s an impressive restoration of a sponsorship partnership lost and as Bohannan notes and longtime readers will recall from a few years back (the AmEx TV’s!), it’s a sponsor that has shown great creativity in imagining ways people can enjoy a sports experience.