Double-Hit Loophole Artists: Nice Try, But USGA Confirms Penalties Await!

I know you all saw our Morning Drive chat about this on Monday, but as much as I’m enjoying the creativity and skill of trickshot artists who think they found a loophole in the new Rules of Golf, they have not.

As I outline here for Golfweek, the trick shot that spawned a European Tour social video attempting the double hit ignores the very simple word “accidental” in the new more relaxed Rules. The story explains the penalty players will enjoy if they use such a ploy to get around a tree.

Still, nice handwork here by all…

Best Trick Shots Of 2018 And One Fun Entry After The Deadline!

Screen Shot 2018-12-10 at 9.23.29 PM.png

On Monday’s Morning Drive, we covered just five of my favorites after a painful vetting that left some amazing creativity on the cutting room floor. So we whittled the best down with a theme of harder-than-it-looks! Or in the case of winner Joshua Kelley’s, crazier than it looks.

Well done all you tricksters!

And a fun late entry after Academy chimed in!

Don't Try This At Home Files: Pieters Snaps Club Around (His) Neck

Screen Shot 2018-05-27 at 1.46.47 PM.png

Actually, don't snap a club around anyone's neck, kids. 

Good to see he's mellowing with age.

From round four of the BMW PGA Championship at Wentworth.

First, the Sky Sports version...

Lerner with the nice pun on Golf Channel's coverage...

Video You'll Want To See: Longest Usable Golf Club Strikes A Ball

Jugglin Josh Horton is a man of many talents, but advancing a golf ball with a 30 foot long driver gives new meaning to big stick!**


Video: Joshua Kelley's Five Golf Balls At Once And Riser Shot

We may be witnessing Joshua Kelley's version of Picasso's Blue Period, as the self proclaimed trick shot artist is cranking out some classics.

Follow him on Instagram if you aren't already doing so. We discussed his two latest gems on Morning Drive today. Make sure to watch The Riser Shot on a big screen.

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Video: Schjoelberg's Backflop Shot

I was hitting some flip wedges today and became pretty impressed with how quickly I got those Mack Daddy's airborne off a mat.

Then I saw the latest from our old trick-shot artiste friend Mathias Schjoelberg and I realized, uh, some people just have gifted (and absurdly strong) hands.

Here's a new variation on a shot he's perfected in other ways from his knees and off a mat. But this one is off grass and he's standing, calling it the "backflop". Mind blown!


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Trick Shots Of The Year...And Two Late Entries

Last week on Morning Drive we narrowed the finalists down to three and picked a winner, and while I feel confident the Academy got it right, I'm wondering how two entries might have impacted voting. Here's the segment with Gary Williams:

These two entries fascinate because of their seeming simplicity, but the performances are actually quite layered on repeat viewings. (Hey, it's awards season here in LA, this kind of talk just naturally seeps in.)

Back with another gem is Indonesian pro golfer Rinaldi Adiyandono, he of the shirt pocket shot that still mesmerizes.


White ball, right pocket! #golfgods #indofreestylegolf #golf #trickshot

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Video: Kangaroos Fighting Over A Green Complex Design?

Or something like trivial that. Not nearly as adorable as the kangaroo that played with the flagstick, but almost as entertaining in a "what do they really think will be accomplished here" way.

From Ian Baker-Finch, who is back Down Under and presumably will be heard on the upcoming string of Aussie tournaments, starting with Wednesday's Australian Open.

Boxing Kangaroos #twinwatersgolfclub

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