“Corrective” watering was done last night on all 18 greens.

The USGA setup notes for the final round, where the early scoring seems to indicate that the players might be able to attack a few holes...

As we’ve done each afternoon after play, roughs have been mowed.

Firmness reading of the putting greens (drive zones and approaches too) were taken 3 times in the last 12 hours – last night, early this morning pre-watering and water this morning post-watering.

“Corrective” watering was done last night on all 18 greens. Water was applied approx 2 hours before play this morning on all greens, in order – 1-18. Certain greens were given a bit more water than other based on firmness readings. We believe (and desire) firmness will be similar to round 3. Hole 2: 307 yards (30 paces forward of tee sign to entice player to drive green; hole location front right). Hole 6: 188 yards. Hole 8: 300 yards. Hole 10: up teeing ground. Hole 12: back teeing ground. Hole 13: 180 yards. Hole 14: 313 yards (29 paces up from tee sign with front hole location; only round where realistically drivable). Hole 16: 244 yards (Larry Nelson hole location). Hole 17: 306 yards (very front of back teeing ground; hole location is accessible to drive green).